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Fractured Vows

Fractured Vows - Brenda Perlin Fulfillment in a pint-sized package! An Accidental Gift Brings True Happiness...

Although Fractured Vows is the third book in the Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles, this book is my introduction to Bo and Brooklyn. I learn early in this novel that Bo and his wife Ruth were 'living like distant strangers and ready to pull the plug' on their 14 year old marriage despite having shared some really great times with each other. Their love of travel had brought them together and as one who loves to travel, I felt challenged to understand how Bo and Ruth's relationship could not withstand the ups and downs of marriage with such a strong common bond between them.

In this novel, the author masterfully introduces Bo to readers. We meet Bo as a child. We're introduced to his strong willed parents and their powerful influence on his development. We learn of his childhood fears and personal condemnations. We journey with him on his search for true love and family time and time again. Finally, we accompany him as he suffers through the emotional pain of a disintegrated marriage and the vengeful actions of his ex.

I am impressed with Ms. Perlin's ability to present Bo's story. After reading this novel, I am eager to read Books One and Two to fully understand the flow and development of this special relationship between Bo and Brooklyn... Congratulations to the author on this series!