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Something Old, Something New (Blessings Series #3)

Something Old, Something New (Blessings Series #3) - Beverly Jenkins Something Old, Something New gives readers exactly what they might expect from a book of this title but if you know anything at all about the fictitious town of Henry Adams, the setting for author Beverly Jenkins' Blessings series, you know to prepare yourself for a few unexpected twists and turns on the aisle to matrimony.

In this, Jenkins third book in what she calls her 'Blessings' series, Bernadine, the town's fairy Godmother, wants to underwrite the cost of a wedding that would compete with some of the world's finest despite Lily's, the bride and Bernadine's assistant, desire for a small, no frills wedding. The story line is familiar; bride and groom want a small wedding but their wishes are repeatedly overlooked and even challenged by well meaning family and friends who want the biggest and the best for their loved ones.

Unfortunately, Lily and Trent, (the town's mayor and Lily's husband to be), begin to have little time to focus on wedding details when they are forced to contend with other more pressing issues. Lily cannot figure out how best to deny her nine year old preacher man's/foster child's request to marry his new foster mom to his soon to be step-dad. Trent's workload multiplies when he is 'unexpectedly' expected to spear head a new family's move to the small town.

Just when it seems that Lily and Trent are able to find some time to manage the day to day preparation for their wedding along with their job crises, they are suddenly confronted with all the previously unthought-of issues that often accompany second and third time marriages such as theirs.

Lily's expecting that they will live as a family in her house; Trent has expected that they would live in his. Out of the blue, their respective children are no longer getting along and are actually physically fighting each other; as are several of the local residents! Trent learns that his extended family is not only planning to attend the wedding but also to spearhead a three day long traditional family wedding ceremony!

Needless to say, Lily, Trent and the residents of Henry Adams find that all things do seem to come together nicely once residents accept that they have to work together.

Jenkins uses her fictional town of Henry Adams to showcase historical cultures of African Americans in the mid west interspersed with real issues faced by parents and children who are a part of the adoption and foster care systems in this country.

The novel is entertaining and a refreshing read!