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RETURN TO MATEGUAS ISLAND: A Tale of Supernatural Suspense
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The Dust of Us: Poems
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The Giver
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No Sex Please, I'm Menopausal!
Stevie Turner
the Golden Coin (A Mike McBride Novel, Book #3)
Dorothy May Mercer
Miranda Bay
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On Top of the Rainbow
K Meador, Cheryl Casey
The Gang Bust (A Mike McBride Novel)
Dorothy May Mercer
Switch! The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu
Karen Prince

BLUE LADY: The Angelica Mason Series

"Angelica Mason is no joke. In ten short years, she made a name for herself. Her designer bookshelf of awards and citations shouted her accomplishments in perfect harmony synchronized to the beat of her up-tempo 'do it my way' lifestyle.


After graduating from the University of Georgia, she took advantage of two of the many graduating gifts she received: a set of Louis Vuitton luggage from her god-mother and an all expense paid trip to Italy from her parents. For five months, she enjoyed the Mediterranean and authentic Italian cuisine while showcasing her five years of studying Italian. She'd never admit -out-loud anyway-that her cerebral experience at the Sistine Chapel was overshadowed by her shopping spree in Milan's Montenapoleone. St. Peter's Square and the Vatican were no match for Dolce & Gabbana!


Refreshed and invigorated by the ancient leaders of Western civilization, she returned from Italy heading to the political powerhouse of the 21st century; Washington, DC. Here she planned to match the political theory behind her Masters degree in political science with the realities of US politics. She was off to a great start when she learned just before her return that she landed a spot in the Presidential Management Fellows Program. She fast tracked through the program when the Director of Immigration learned she scripted the white paper on 'Immigration Reform: Constitutional Issues and Exploration'.


She excelled in her position in the Director's office earning quite the reputation for trouble shooting: the big and the small. Initially she thrived on living life in the fast lane and with the powerbrokers that refused to use signal lights or warning signs or so she thought until she learned to read their unwritten, not to be violated, rules and moves.
Suddenly, and if asked, Angelica could articulate in great detail the moment she made the conscious decision to no longer interpret the unwritten DC maneuvers and machinations: 6 PM, Monday, January 1st."